Steem Cryptocurrency Review

Steem cryptocurrency review

Steem Website: Project Home Page Overview: Steem is a [sg_popup id=”33″ event=”click”]blockchain[/sg_popup] based social media network. The website is the primary website that utilizes steem. Contributions towards the SteemIt network are primarily distributed to the authors and curators. Steem actually consists of three currency components. The primary currency is…

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BitCoin Private (BTCP) CryptoCurrency Review

Bitcoin Private Review

Overview: Bitcoin Private (BTCP) is a truly anonymous cryptocurrency using a technology called [sg_popup id=”24″ event=”click”]zk-snarks[/sg_popup] to conceal the sender and receivers addresse. Embedded in the wallet is also the ability to split up your transaction to assist in concealing the transaction amount. Opinion: Thumbs up. This is a once…

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