Clam Coin (CLAM) CryptoCurrency Review












Exchange Support


Wallet Support



  • Proof of Stake (POS).
  • Ability to send private messages


  • Extremely slow sync times.
  • Impossible Navigation.
  • No installer.
  • Limited support.
I do not recommend this cryptocurrency

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Unfortunately, this is one of the worst reviews I’ve ever done. If you’re new to crypto stay away from this one! I do have respect for all CryptoCurrencies since they have made the effort to produce something. Clam Coin almost doesn’t work and there’s extremely limited customer support. So, if you plan to use this cryptocurrency you’re on your own. Simple tasks such as downloading the wallet weren’t available on the homepage and I had to contact customer support to find the correct download link.


Clam Coin Website:

Click here to navigate to the home page!


The only helpful links I could find on the primary website “” was a link to their customer support chat: Click here for community support. Everything else was either confusing or not working. Usually it takes a team to produce a product, in this case it takes a team to show a new user how to use it. In regards to using a full node wallet, I gave up after waiting for two weeks with practically no progress. I eventually downloaded the blocks off of another website. Sure, you can surf the internet searching for block downloads but that’s way beyond the scope of an average user. Since running a full node wallet is almost the only method to send and receive ClamCoins outside of exchanges, it makes ClamCoin almost completely unusable.


Clam coin uses the standard blockchain protocol with no enhanced privacy features.


Absolutely no credibility. While I’m sure there’s a lot of people that have worked on ClamCoin, customer support couldn’t reference any of them in particular so needless to say there was no page listing the credentials.


Proof of stake (POS) is definitely a positive direction in the world of crypto currency. The Clam Coin team claims to be working on a lot of new features but given where the project is currently at it’s highly unlikely that any of these new features will happen.

Customer Support:

As mentioned earlier in the article, the only reliable customer support that I’ve found is a user by the name of “tryphe_” that can be found at:.

Community Support

Exchange Support:

Clam coin is listed on a three high volume exchanges and a one low volume exchange according to their home page. I gather my market data from located here: If it’s not listed on CoinMarketCap, it’s not eligible to be listed.

(High volume – listed in order)

Bittrex (12th)

Poloniex (19th)

Cryptopia (49th)

(Low Volume)

BleuTrade (137th)

How to get started:

After you have downloaded the wallet, “attempt” to sync by leaving your wallet online. If you would like to speed up the process, I’ve downloaded the blocks and made them available. Next you can use a free faucet to send coins to your address or purchase some currency on an exchange. Clam coins are earned if you hold a balance and leave your wallet online while running as a full node. Important Notice: If you held a balance on May 12th 2014 in a BTC, LTC,or DOGE address then you are entitled to the equal amount of Clam Coin.

Download Wallet:

Click here to download the wallet!

Online wallets (N/A):

None of the online wallets appear to be credible or working.

Download wallet blocks from

Close the ClamClient if it’s open. Make sure you’re able to show hidden files and folders in your file explorer. You can do this by opening a folder and clicking  “View” in the toolbar and making sure “hidden items” is checked. Navigate on your computer to “C:\Users\(Your user name here)\AppData\Roaming\Clam”. Make sure to backup your wallet.dat file to a separate location to ensure you don’t lose any balances in your current wallet. Extract the contents of the following zip folder to the directory. Now start your clam client and enjoy.

Snapshot download:

Download blocks (3-7-2018)

Free Clam Coin Faucets:

The only legitimate Faucet I cold find is listed below.

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