Freedom of Speech

The mass majority of us live in a society where we claim “freedom of speech”. While we may be able to say what we want; any individual with an opposing point of view is often bullied into silence. Upon the creation of this website I had no idea how much of an issue this problem was until my Twitter inbox started getting flooded by people that agreed with me but were afraid to speak up. In sync with my ratings, the same organizations that I haven’t recommended have been the most unprofessional and counter-productive with my feedback. True pioneers realize that they’re not perfect and welcome any feedback as a chance to improve their product.

A great example of progression is Bitcoin Private that at the time of my rating was a new currency and had many small issues to resolve. Two weeks after I relayed my feedback I was pleasantly surprised upon visiting their website that they had addressed the vast majority of my concerns. Great job team, you have a bright future! Portraying all cryptocurrencies in a positive light would be the easiest path for me to take but I would only be contributing to the aforementioned problem of censorship through bullying.

I will continue to rate currencies from an objective view despite the hate mail I receive. The 26 point rating system is in place to ensure that I can’t perform bias or non-educated opinions according to my own agenda. For cryptocurrencies to succeed we need leaders that will have open minds to improvements and not a “know all” attitude. Crypto is still in the infancy stage and those that do not listen will undoubtedly be left behind. So… Listen… Talk… and Learn… We’re all a community and it’s time we started acting like one.

Sincerely, Chris Walters.

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